Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Commitments!

First and foremost, Happy New Year!! Our first New Year’s Eve in Milano was really fun! We spent the evening with our friends Marina and Andrea, and their friend Stefano. A tradition here is to have seven types of fishes and that is what Marina prepared (well... not exactly seven, but pretty close). It was delicious! We enjoyed our time at their house and rang in the New Year with champagne and fireworks at midnight. Outside of their apartment people were lighting fireworks, and in the distance were city fireworks in all directions. It was pretty amazing!

Andrea, Stefano, Me, Marina, Josh

As for New Year’s Resolutions... I don't really believe in resolutions. Some of my friends do resolutions, some of them do themes, but I do something a little different. It seems that when a resolution is made, more often than not it isn't followed through on. Today I was reading an article that said 35% of resolutions are never completed. I am definitely one of the 35%... So, instead of making resolutions I make a commitment to myself for the year. This may be a little selfish, but aren’t all resolutions a little selfish in one way or another (quit smoking, exercise more, eat better, etc)? Here is my commitment to myself:

 1. Keep a regular exercise program- I try to stay on a regular exercise program, but being consistent is the hardest thing for me. Unless I have a specific thing to train for (IE: half marathon), I find myself working out maybe twice a week. So, my commitment is to work out on a more consistent basis. Putting together a workout plan will help me do this, and Josh and I have put together a bet on this... more to come on that.

2. Keep up a healthy diet- since moving to Italy we have been eating healthier foods, and more fresh fruits and vegetables. I have noticed a huge difference in my health as a result. I feel better, have more energy (except in the past week since getting back to Milan- the time difference is killing me this time!) and I haven’t gotten as sick as I did in MN.

3. Focus on my relationships- of course my marriage is a big part of this. Even though I feel that Josh and I are in a great place and have a stronger relationship than ever, it still takes a lot of work and dedication to keep that. I want to continue our great times and keep improving things in 2012. Also, to keep up relationships with the people that are important to me and not lose contact even though I’m halfway across the world.

4. Learning- my old co-workers at Capella University will laugh at me… but I want to be a “lifelong learner”. My definition of this is someone who is always curious, asking questions, and wanting to learn new things.  This mentality can be applied to any situation and I find that I get more out of our experiences in Italy with this mindset. Also included in this category is continuing my Italian which has been on the back shelf for the past month.

If I can continue doing these four things I think I am on the road to a great 2012! Staying physically and mentally healthy is my goal for this year. So, no resolutions for this girl… only a re-commitment that I will keep up a healthy lifestyle and keep learning. What kind of resolutions (or commitments) have you made for yourself this year?

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