Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Well... Maybe not a Charlie Brown Christmas, but it was a brown Christmas in Minnesota with lots of Charlie Brown characters! This was the first year that I can remember when we didn't have snow on the ground for Christmas. Here we flew all the way from mild Milan to enjoy the cold and snow... Well, we ended up bringing the warmth with us to MN.
My Mom's centerpiece

Josh and I enjoyed our time with family and spent a lot of time with them. We started with celebrating Christmas at my Moms house the Saturday before Christmas. Then on Wednesday, my Mom and I took my niece Abby to the Children's Theater in Minneapolis to see the Wizard of Oz. This is a tradition that we started two years ago and it's been fun to introduce Abby to the wonderful world of theater. Then on Thursday we went up north to spend time with Josh's family over the Christmas weekend. Josh ended up getting some fun pictures- enjoy :)

My brother Scott and his Fiance Missy
Siblings :)

Ohh... the Swedish Meatballs!! Traditions in my family-
one of the best parts of Christmas :)
At the Childrens Theater, my mom, Abby and me

Abby got her very own Toto at the show

Visiting with Josh's grandparents and his brothers

Josh made my moms caramel rolls for breakfast on Christmas Day.

My biggest blog fan, Jo, and Josh's grandpa George

Josh's brother Casey with his daughter Hailey, and fiance Leslie

Josh's Christmas gift- nesting dolls
Hailey and grandma (Josh's mom)

Turkey anyone?
Ready for the feast!

The Christmas Crew

Mike and his AWESOME pjs!! Thanks to Leslie and Casey
for this! Brings back memories of A Christmas Story :)

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