Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year Commitment #1: regular exercise

To stay on task with this New Years commitment, I saught the help of Women's Health magazine. I really enjoy this magazine because it talks about a healthy lifestyle- eating well, exercise, beauty and healthy relationships. They do a great job of covering the bases for the physical, spiritual and emotional needs that women have. I thought about getting a membership for overseas... but it's not available outside the US and Canada. So, I had the great idea that maybe they have an online only subscription. Unfortunately, they don't. Idea for magazines... allow online subscriptions to articles and information for those of us living outside the US :)

Anyway, I was on their website and found a great workout plan for getting toned this year. I tried the first workout on Saturday and it kicked my butt!! I consider myself to be in descent shape, I can run three miles at any given time and do pilates. But weights is another story... This was a great workout that used muscles that I haven't used in a very long time! This one is a great replacement for the class I used to do at LA Fitness- Body Works Plus Abs. If you are looking for a great "get toned" plan for the new year, I highly recommend checking this one out! It will do a number on you the first day, but I already feel stronger.

To download the workout plan, go to the website (womens health- get toned) and enter your email address to download the workout. They even supply a calendar to help you track your success.

Let's do this 2012!

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