Sunday, November 13, 2011

A new era in Italy?

Wow! Last night I was at Marina and Andrea's house for dinner when the news came, no more Berlusconi!! Andrea's sister and her family were also there when the news broke. Immediately everyone at the dinner table started cheering and they said a cheers with their wine glasses to "Super Mario!" (Mario Monti is one of the front runners to become the next Prime Minister). Living in Italy I haven't met one person who has actually liked Berlusconi, they just put up with him because they had to. Will this be a whole new era in Italy? Let's hope so! It would be fantastic to get a great leader for Italy that can pull this country out of the economic crisis it is in, and someone that the people can have faith in.

I found a video on Yahoo Italia showing how the people were reacting in Rome. They were celebrating and chanting things to Berlusconi. Italians swear a lot!! At one point they started chanting "Shut up! Shut up! Go f*** yourself!" I also included a link to what CNN was reporting last night. What are your thoughts?

Reaction in Rome
CNN's report

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