Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A day in Freiburg, Germany

About a week and a half after Mike and Laura visited us, Josh had a meeting in Germany so we drove up there together to spend some time together. The same day that Mike and Laura left, Josh also flew to South Africa for work. He was gone for ten days meeting with doctors and sales reps in S. Africa and Mauritius. Needless to say, I was really lonely by myself in Milan! So, when Josh mentioned that we could drive up to Germany together (the day he returned to Milan) instead of spending two more days apart, I took him up on his offer.
The first major snow of the season in the Alps- it snowed the day before

I drove while Josh made conference calls for work.  This drives me crazy!! Because I can't talk to him, I can't talk to myself (insert joke here...), and I can't listen to the radio. It's just me, the car, the road and him talking about work... Thankfully he was only on conference calls for half of the five hour drive (not the whole way like with the drive the Florence and our previous trip to Germany). I've come to the realization that I don't enjoy traveling with him when he works in the car. It's SOOOO boring!!
Good morning! The view outside of our hotel room

mmm... Starbucks

When we arrived at our hotel, we checked in and decided to walk around town a bit before dinner. It was cold that night, but Freiburg is such a cute little town that we couldn't help but walk around to enjoy it. We had dinner at a cute little German restaurant and called it a night. The next day Josh was meeting with a Doctor all morning and into the afternoon. So I decided to enjoy some Starbucks (American coffee!! yay!), and walk around the town to check it out. Once Josh was done with his meeting, we drove back to Milan. Talk about a quick trip! But it was fun :)

the church

across from the church

a street market in the church square

I found Tootle's marbles!

street market

A great building on one of the squares.

A museum across the street from the hotel- there are lego men
on top of the building by the flags. I found that interesting.