Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bergamo, shopping and a missed flight!

Laura "Lew"
The first weekend in November Lew came to Milano!! I’ve known Laura for many, many years and I call her Lew (for her last name Lewandowski). We’ve been friends at least since Junior High and we were about 12 or 13 years old.  We used to figure skate together, and then we were in cheerleading together; we even sang and danced in show choir junior and senior years of high school. Needless to say, we go back a long time! She is one of my very best friends, so it was great to see her again and show her where we have been living this year.


Old city gates of Bergamo

While she was here we toured downtown Milan on the day she arrived, took some time the next day to go out to Bergamo (about an hour east of Milan), went shopping down in Serravalle (designer outlets near Genova), and partied like rock stars on her final night. It was a really fun weekend that ended with a bang!

the city center

a little gelato- it was amazing!!

Bergamo was really easy to get to from Milan- we took a train from the central train station (about 5 or 6 euros one way), and then we caught a bus from the train station in Bergamo to go to the old town (Bergamo Alto). It was a really hazy day with lots of fog, so it was difficult to see anything on the train ride out there, but it added a mystique to everything. Bergamo is a beautiful city at the base of the Alps and on a clear day it would be an awesome setting! We grabbed lunch, walked around to take in everything, bought a cake for Josh, and enjoyed exploring the old military artillery they had on display.

on a clear day you would see the Alps in the distance

some of the artillery we found

the park outside of the old military fortress,
that's where we found the artillery

That night we grabbed some Pizzeria Spontini pizza with Josh and I think Laura liked it! She got to meet the Pizza Nazi and experience our favorite spot. She never did mention if it was the best pizza she has ever had though… I have a new experiment going- every time someone visits us I want to take them to Spontini to see if it’s the best pizza they have ever had. Almost each visitor has said that, so I want to see how many people say it’s the best ever.

fall colors in Bergamo

drinks with Josh after Spontini

On Friday we went shopping at the designer outlets at Serravalle. It was a wet and rainy day, but we weren’t going to let that get in our way of some great shopping! Well… it turned out that some disastrous storms rolled through that same day. Literally. At least six people died in Genova that day because of flooding, and that was only about 60 kilometers away from where we were shopping.

flooding in Genova that day

courtesy of Peoples Daily Online

The final day that Laura was here we did some more shopping and walked around Milan. It was a lazy day for us; we slept in and enjoyed a nice nap in the afternoon. We needed to save our energy because that night we hit the town and experience the night life of Hollywood in Corso Como (a famous club in Milan that stays open until 6AM). This may not have been the smartest idea because Laura had to catch a flight out of Malpensa around 10:30AM the next morning. The airport is about an hour from our house (if you time the trains right), so she needed to be on the road pretty early. Well, we ended up staying out until 3:30-4AM… Needless to say, we slept right through her flight! I woke up at 10:45 and realized she had missed it! We scrambled and got her to the airport in time for the next flight at 1PM, but she had to purchase a whole new ticket!! I felt so awful! Now she can officially say that she missed a flight because of staying out too late (which is partially my fault). Talk about ending the weekend with a bang! But it was so great to have her visit Milan and hopefully she won’t have second thoughts about visiting again. It turned out to be a more expensive weekend than she expected!

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