Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Santa Margherita Ligure

the beach we laid out on, Santa Margherita

About a month ago, Josh's co-worker Jamie was in Italy for a wedding, and stayed with us for a few days. We visited Lake Como (my "where's George?" posting), and then dropped her off in Santa Margherita. This is a small town down on the Mediterranean coast, just north of Cinque Terre near Portofino. This city is a beautiful and relaxing place to visit! Unfortunately we only had a couple of hours there, so we decided to lay on the beach and get some sun.

This area of the Italian Riviera is well known for its scuba diving, yachting and ritzy seaside resorts. Santa Margherita is expensive to stay in, but not nearly as expensive as Portofino. Portofino is a getaway for the extremely wealthy (and famous). Santa Margherita is a great alternative to staying in Portofino if you want that experience, but not the pricing. This town is also well known to the Milanese; everyone knows the town and thinks it’s a beautiful vacation spot.


San Fruttuoso

Christ of the Abyss (Il Christo degli Abissi)

Since I have been teaching English courses in Milan, I have learned about some places to visit from the locals. When they heard I was visiting Santa Margherita, they said I had to see "Christ of the Abyss". I had no idea what this was, so they explained that it is a statue of Christ under water, about 20 meters down in a town called San Fruttuoso (near Santa Margherita). One of the guys in my class even had a picture of the statue on his cell phone. He said it was off the coast from a church, and many couples get married there underwater. After doing a little research, this statue was placed there as a gift from Genoa as a thank you for naval assistance. There are also underwater replicas of this famous statue in other parts of the world including Grenada, and Key Largo. We weren't able to visit the statue on this short, one day trip. Maybe next time!

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