Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 weeks...

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late posting on this one. Last week was a tough week- I came down with a sinus infection that put a major dent in my training schedule. Unfortunately the last two weeks have brought my training to a stand still. It's very frustrating! But, I have been able to at least keep going at my current rate and not go backwards. Although, it has slowed my pace a bit, but that will change!

Here is what I was able to do last week:
Monday: Pilates
Tuesday: 4.8 miles, 44 minutes
Wednesday: Pilates
Thursday: sick
Friday: sick
Saturday: walked around San Remo (about 1-2 miles)
Sunday: sick

This week I've been able to do a little more, even though I'm still recovering. I've been working hard this week and hope to do a long run this weekend. Stay tuned...

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