Friday, October 26, 2012

Vincent around town

This week Vincent is 6 weeks old and we are starting to get out on the streets of Milan every day now. He loves the noise of the city and it puts him right to sleep. It must remind him of the days when I was pregnant walking around town. He's also starting to stay awake more during the day which is fun. We play with his monkey toy, and he is starting to get better at tummy time. He lifts both legs off the floor when he's on his tummy- it's like he's practicing pilates! He can almost hold his head up by himself now, and he's starting to talk more and even gives me a smile every now and then :) His baby acne is also clearing up too.

Playing with his favorite toy- his Monkey from
cousin Abby.
Last week he had his one month check up and he is one healthy, growing boy! At his two week appointment he weighted 3.6 kg (7 lbs 15 oz), and at five weeks he weighed in at 5.05 kg (11 lbs 2 oz)! He also grew from 51 cm (20.75 in) to 59 cm (23.25 in). So, apparently mama's milk is doing him good :) So good that he is now wearing 3 month clothes and we've put away his newborn outfits already.

Napping with Grandpa- I love how they are
laying the same way
My dad and his wife Deb arrived last weekend to visit the little man, and he has been bonding with them. It's nice to have my dad around. He moved to Iowa for a job four years ago (more or less) and since then I haven't been able to see him very often. We've been enjoying Milan and they've toured around a bit seeing the sights. We were even able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and spend the day in the Parco Sempione two days ago. This morning they took off for Rome and will be exploring on their own for a few days before returning to Milan. Hopefully they do ok!

Shopping, Deb bought an awesome Furla bag. I'm a little jeaous!

While we were out and about, I was able to get some fun pictures of Vincent. Enjoy!

At the Duomo
At Parco Sempione, looking at the Arco della Pace
In the Castello Sforzesco

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