Sunday, October 7, 2012

More firsts...

It's hard to believe that Vincent will be four weeks old on Tuesday! The last two weeks just flew by and are a little of a blur... My mom and her husband Jim arrived from MN and stayed with us during that time and we had a lot of firsts during their stay.
Our first family photo, 2.5 weeks old and ready for the Vikes game!

Of course, it was the first time that Vincent met his grandma and grandpa! We also had his two week appointment and found out that he not only gained back his birth weight, but he also put on another 200 grams! He weighed 3.66 kg at that appointment and had gained almost a pound since his one week appointment. The boy eats like a champ! We also had our first metro ride, his first road trip to the Piedmont region and first over night in Venice. He also met his "aunt and uncle" Sissel and Ragnar, and saw downtown Milan for the first time. Man, we packed in a lot in two weeks!
Meeting grandma and grandpa, also a little smirk- the beginning
of a smile :)

Let me say to all new moms, take it easy! I've been over doing it the past week and my body is not happy with me. Going to Venice was great, but it was way too much walking for 3 weeks post partum and I'm looking forward to resting in the next week. Not to mention the stress that comes with traveling with a new born and the unexpected issues.... Because he wasn't on his normal schedule he wasn't eating every three hours like he had been. The day before he was building up my milk supply, so unfortunately I had some issues with a wet shirt all day in Venice! He wasn't eating much and I was producing a ton of milk. Luckily I had a scarf to cover up the lactation damage! Also, I was constantly worried about if he needed a diaper change, would we be able to find a bathroom with a changing table, or when he was going to be hungry again... As it turns out, it wasn't so bad, but we did have to get creative with his diaper changing situation. We ended up changing him on the floor of a restaurant... in the trunk of the car... on the front seat... even on a bench in St Marks square. LOL. I guess you have to get creative to take care of the little guy!

his first designer hat thanks to Marcella

Playing with grandpa

It was bitter sweet to see my mom and Jim leave this morning. It's nice to have the house back to normal, but I'm going to really miss them. It was great to have my moms insight on the little man, and have her and Jim's experience with babies. It was just a little stressful for me though because I wanted to play hostess to them on their first trip to Italy and have them see the sights, but really they wanted me to relax and rest. It was tough because I wasn't up for doing much and that made me feel bad because I wasn't going with them to see the Duomo or other parts of the city. But they were a huge help and I will definitely miss having them around!

Thankfully I had the scarf that day in Venice!

Vincent loves taking walks and I foresee that becomming a daily afternoon routine for us. When he doesn't get out to move around I've noticed that he becomes an afternoon snacker... He'll eat for five minutes, then sleep for half an hour, then repeat. This can last all afternoon!! So walks will definitely be a good thing to prevent that. He's now been sleep for a couple of hours from our walk today :) That's why I have time to write this blog.
First time sitting through an entire meal at a restaurant in Venice
(not just pizza at Pizzeria Spontini)

Meeting Sissel and Ragnar
We are so in love with our little man and have seen some huge changes already. He's starting to fill out and his cheeks are getting chubby. He's also developing some baby acne, hopefully we can clear that up. He's also making more faces and starting to smile a bit- usually when he's feeding or sleeping. But he'll give a grin when he's awake every now and then.

First time downtown Milan- at the Galleria, 3.5 weeks


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing how you're doing!!! Vincent is perfect and it looks like he's already enjoying seeing the word. Tessa keeps asking me through 'farts' when she'll be able to meet him in the U.S.. :)

    1. we'll have to introduce them soon! Vincent keeps asking the same thing ;)