Monday, November 19, 2012

2 months and truffles!

Vincent was a pumpkin for Halloween
6 weeks old
It's been a while since I've posted an update on the little man, my apologies! I'm sure you have all been waiting oh so impatiently for a new post ;)

The past few weeks have been really fun and busy. Of course things are busy with a little one, but we also took a little trip to the Piedmont last weekend and stayed in Moncalvo again for the truffle festival. Between that and wrapping up things after my dad and Deb left, it's been a busy couple of weeks.
His Halloween face- "Am I scaring you yet?"

The truffle festival was great! We went to Alba to the truffle market during a rainy day, and enjoyed the atmosphere of wine, yummy snacks (salame and cheese) and trufffles. The entire tent just smelled of truffle- it's so potent! We bought some white and black truffles and had fun in the process. To buy, you look at the shape (it should be round), and also the smell is a big part of it. They all smell a little different- some earthy, some woody, some like nuts... I never imagined it would be so interesting. We made some pasta last week with the white truffle and it was delicious!!

First smile captured with a camera, about 6 weeks old
We have a few firsts though! We picked up Vincent's first passport from the US consolate here last week. He can now come home to MN when we are ready! He was only about 1.5 weeks old in his passport photo and still had the massive bump on his head, so already he looks a lot different. His head takes up the whole area for the picture so it makes him look like a big potato head. Vincent also visited our friends at Boston Scientific and did very well. The offices were a little warm for him so we couldn't stay too long, but he got to meet a lot of the people Josh and I have worked with. They were calling him big potato (patatino) :) Italians use food to give little nick names- "big potato", "little onion" (cipollino), etc.
Walking in Barolo last weekend
Vincent has also started to sleep through the entire night! For the past three nights he has slept 8.5+ hours. It takes us a couple of hours to finally put him to sleep, but I'll take that if he sleeps for 8-9 hours! It's such a nice change from the every 4 hour feedings, and even the 6.5 hour nights he had :) We are slowly getting him to bed at an earlier time each night. It used to be anywhere between 12-1AM (some nights at 2AM). We are now able to get him to sleep around 11-11:30PM for the night.

We attempted a family photo in Piedmont, V wasn't too excited about it...
He was too cold!
We have also been working through some food allergy issues. It's amazing how much your life revolves around your childs bowl movements when you are nursing. My diet no longer has peanut butter, cheese or milk as a result. It's very sad, these are some of my favorite things!!

My two guys!! So cute!

Last week Vincent had his two month check up and he is very healthy. He does have some cradle cap though, so we are debating what to do about that. We can keep up with the recommended method of just washing his hair and using a soft brush or comb to get up the pieces, or we can go to the pharmacy and pick something up for it. It seems to be getting worse, so I think I'll be opting for the pharmacy. The doctor also recommended some massage therapy for him to start using the left side of his body more- the bump from the birth had him always turning to the right. He can hold up his head though! Still a bit of a bobble head... but he can do it. Here are some new stats for you:

2 month photo shoot!

Weight: 6.350 kg, 90-97% (13.99 lbs!)
Height: 62 cm, 97% (24.5 inches)
Head circumference: 41 cm, 75-90% (16 inches)

(they measure the head circumference- not sure if they do that back home??)

At two months he is only a pound away from doubling his birth weight, and my shoulders are starting to feel it! Man, bouncing him to sleep at night is not as easy as it use to be. Now I sit on a big exercise ball to put him to sleep. It saves the shoulders!!

I just love his sweet face!


That's all for now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We'll have some fun stuff for you after that since it's Vincent's first Thanksgiving and our second annual Italian Thanksgiving. Turkey has been ordered, and we are preparing- I'm so excited!!

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  1. At least you and Josh look great in that picture in Piedmont! :) Have you tried combing the cradle cap out with baby oil and a fine tooth comb? The seemed to work really well for us. And almost doubling his birth weight by two months! He is a patatino! I remember that French people also use food as terms of endearment, like little cabbage. But, I guess in America we call babies pumpkins and peanuts.
    Hope all is well and your Thanksgiving is delightful!