Thursday, May 3, 2012

The halfway point!

20 weeks on Queens Day (Monday)! Orange
is the color of the day!
So, this week marks the halfway point of my pregnancy- 20 weeks!! It's hard to believe that it's already half over! It seems like just last week that I found out I was pregnant. I guess time flies when you're having fun!

Since my last preggo update things have been going great. I'm pretty sure that about a week and a half ago I started feeling little Bambino moving around!! Some people tell me that it's like butterflies or air bubbles moving around in there, but to me it feels like little muscle twitches. At my last ultrasound Bambino was moving up a storm, and now I'm starting to feel it. It's the coolest thing! Josh is pretty excited about that too and is looking forward to when he'll be able to feel the movement.

This past weekend we were in Amsterdam for Laura Lew's birthday celebration. It also happened to be the national holiday Queens Day. Needless to say, we walked EVERYWHERE. I'm realizing that my body is not as "mobile" as it used to be. My feet are completely torn up and sore from walking/standing all weekend, and I started to feel some nasty cramping as a result of walking so much. It's starting to sink in that I can't push myself to do things now and it's a little frustrating. Things that were so easy before suddenly seem like work to me (IE: walking to the train station with a suitcase on wheels). I have to realize that my body isn't my own anymore (at least for the next few months) and I have to listen to what it is telling me.

Other than that, Josh tells me that I'm a happy pregnant woman. At this point I'm feeling good and just trying to enjoy the experience. I guess thats good! I don't seem to be too stressed out by things at this point, but sometimes I get frustrated when I feel that Josh doesn't understand what I'm going through (and how could he??). But Josh has been really wonderful through everything and is very supportive. When we were in Amsterdam I had serious cravings for french fries, but that was the case before I was pregnant too... Everywhere you walk there is a stand selling fries, and when you can't smell the sweet smoke from the "coffee shops", all you can smell is french fries! I was good though and only ate them once... ok twice :)

More to come on our trip to Amsterdam. Stay tuned!

Me and Bambino at the Keukenhof Gardens on Tuesday

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