Friday, October 21, 2011

A size 15 boot? and Grande Puffo?

The old city wall in Verona
Day three with the in-laws and we were off to Verona and Sirmione. In the morning Josh and I found ourselves downstairs for breakfast by ourselves. This is VERY strange because Mike and Laura are always the first ones to wake up. As it turns out, we had to go wake them up after we realized they were still sleeping. Of course, they were embarrassed! But they were on vacation and deserved time to relax and sleep!

Juliet's balcony
After a descent breakfast (with American coffee for Mike), we were on our way to Verona. Again, it was a chilly day, but the sun was out so it felt warmer than Venice. My sinus infection was still rearing its ugly head so I wasn't feeling the best that day- but I tried to be a good sport and still enjoyed everything! We took Mike and Laura to see Juliet's house and her balcony. They took the tour of the house so they were able to go onto the balcony. Josh was in the courtyard below the balcony waiting with the camera and captured a cute romantic moment for the two of them :) In the courtyard at Juliet's house is a bronze statue of Juliet. Remember when I said that Italians rub bronze statues to ward off bad luck? Well, this one is no different- although, I think the Italians decided to have some fun with this one. It's tradition to touch Juliet's boob (not just the arm, or the leg). As you can see from the pictures, she's been touched a LOT over the years! Poor girl...

"Locks of Love"
People used to write on the ancient
walls of the house-"I love Romeo!"
This is now forbidden and they are cleaning
off the graffiti.

From Juliet's house, we walked into one of the main squares for some food. There was a little market set up with lots of food vendors, so we grabbed some fresh fruit and panini. By this point in the trip Laura had realized that Italy has some really cute boots, and she was determined to go home to MN with a pair of Italian boots. We were now on a mission! Somehow boot sizes were brought up and we were curious how big Italy would be if it were a boot... we determined that it's pretty big, but not huge, so we settled on a size 15 boot.

The market is shown behind us

Mike and Laura also toured the arena where we saw the opera in August (a warm up for their upcoming trip to the Collosseum), then we took a break for some refreshments. After quenching our thirsts (and taking in some much needed caffeine for me), we were on the road again to the next stop on the way back to Milan- Sirmione. Sirmione is a cute little city at the tip of a peninsula on Lake Garda. This city is technically on an island and has an old castle with a draw bridge (literally the gate to the city). We toured the castle and were able to get some amazing views from the tower. Again, the air was really clear that day so we could see the Alps perfectly!

While we were in Sirmione we noticed a lot of people eating gelato. So... we had to do the same! I found a gelato flavor of Apple and Cinnamon- OMG!! It was soooo good! It tasted like apple pie. The whole day we were seeing “I Puffi” (the Smurfs!) everywhere- it was even a gelato flavor! The new Smurf movie is out in Italy, so everything is about the Smurfs. We realized that Papa Smurf in Italian "Grande Puffo"! We had a good laugh at that! We left Sirmione after that because we had dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in Milan that night- Trattoria Arlati.

Looking at the peninsula from the tower in Sirmione

held captive in the castle

This restaurant was introduced to us by one of Josh's co-workers and it is amazing! Our table was in the basement (that I didn't know existed). The room had a small bar, a stage and a few TVs. This room was also their wine cellar so Josh loved it! The restaurant is great for typical Milanese cuisine, so of course it was a lot of meat and rice, but it’s fantastic! Mike tried the Osso Buco, I had the "hot pot" which is slow cooked meat with a side of risotto, and I believe Josh and Laura had pasta. They also tried Limoncello after dinner for the first time and loved it. This is my digestivo of choice :) They were trying all sorts of new things so far on this trip, and loving it!

the end of the summer flowers

Another great day in paradise!
The next stop on our journey: Lake Como and Belaggio

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