Monday, October 31, 2011

A cheeseburger in Roma!

All day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning (days 5, 6, and 7) of Mike and Laura's trip, they were in Roma. Josh and I were in Milan on Monday working (me teaching and Josh at the office), then we headed to Genova (Genoa) on Tuesday because Josh had a few meetings there on Tuesday and Wednesday. I mainly relaxed at the hotel, still recovering from that stupid sinus infection and studying my Italian. In the meantime, Mike and Laura were experiencing one of our favorite cities!! Rome! They also had some sicknesses of their own... I guess Mike had a stomach bug and Laura caught a cold (hopefully not from me!!). So they tried to take it easy, but it's difficult to do that when there is so much to see in only a couple of days!! I took some pictures from Mike's facebook page (thanks Mike!) so you could see what they experienced in Rome. Of course, I can't tell the story for them but I can show you their pictures :)

MONDAY: Colosseum and Roman Forum

And they're off to Rome! 3 hours by high speed train
from Milan to Rome.

Looks like the Palentine Hill

the monument to Vittorio Emanuele II,
personally my favorite building in Rome!!

Roman guard on a cell phone? Isn't that against protocol?

TUESDAY: Vatican Museum

St Peters Basilica
The Vatican Museum is like a museum in a museum...
the building itself is an amazing palace that is extraordinary on its own!
Mosaic flooring in the museum

one of the many elaborate ceilings

The ancient Egypt exhibit is great!

If this is the room I remember... there are a few
statues of goats in there- Josh LOVED that when we went in July!

A true American, Mike even had a cheeseburger in Rome!
His stomach was craving comfort food at that point, he wasn't feeling so great.

WEDNESDAY: Castello San Angelo, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Pantheon

Tiber River
Castello San Angelo

Piazza Navona

When in Rome, drink the free water!


Trevi Fountain
Gotta love the Grand Dink!! (one of the scooters they saw)
Josh's uncle Craig would appreciate this!!

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