Tuesday, October 18, 2011

quick update

Hello everyone! It's been a while since my last post, my apologies! I updated the background- it was time for something new :)  The last couple of weeks have been great and there is more to come on that. Josh's mom and her husband Mike visited Italy and we showed them our favorite spots. I'll post pictures and more details on that later this week. At the same time, I finally received my permesso di soggiorno today! I can now legally stay in Italy :) And also work full time- so if you know anyone hiring in Milano... We also are applying for residency next week- yay!

Some of you have asked about the Cinque Castelli 10K race, and we didn't run it. The timing just didn't work out between a short training period for Josh and his mom being in town. So we scrapped that. Unfortunately as a result I haven't been running much... well, not at all in the past few weeks. I'm pretty sure that all of that built up stamina is now gone. :(  It's time to get back out there!!

Also, Josh is traveling in South Africa this week and Mauritius this weekend for work. So he's been very busy over the past couple of months- flying to Paris each week, and also these additional trips. Luckily he's been able to take some time off to spend a long weekend with me and his family. I'm looking forward to the holidays when we'll have a few weeks to be together without travel or work :)

That's all for now- but stay tuned to hear about Italy with the in-laws! 

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