Saturday, June 30, 2012

Italians love a pregnant woman!

So, I keep meaning to include these stories in one of my updates, but the pregnant brain must be taking over because I keep forgetting :)

People in Italy love a pregnant woman! Especially the older ladies... I have to share these fun stories because I think they're great!! Women in Italy ALWAYS want to tell you what they think you are having (maschio o femmina- male or female). At the grocery store one day I was waiting patiently in line and a woman asked me if I wanted to go ahead of her (this is customary here- pregnant woman get precedence and can butt to the front of any line! I may have to take advantage of this at some point...). I was ok waiting so I politely told her no thank you, go ahead. She then proceeded to tell me that she was so excited, congratulations/best wishes, and she thinks its a boy- "Tanti auguri! È maschio!!" The lady was super nice and I love when people say "Auguri!", but I thought it was really funny that she had to tell me that she thinks its a boy.

Another day I was walking on the curb to the bus stop nearby and a lady in a car on the street rolled down her window to shout "È maschio!" I looked at her and said "Scusa??" She repeated, "È maschio!!" She was an older lady that I have never seen or met before, but she thought it was necessary to tell me she thinks I'm having a boy. I just looked at her and smiled, maybe even gave a little giggle. I laughed most of the day about that one. The fact that the woman took the time to roll down her window and tell me what she thought, it was pretty funny.

Other than that, women in Italy really do understand that pregnant women need a seat on the bus or the metro, and have a hard time standing for long periods of time. They are SO nice!! It's always the women that offer me their seat when riding public transportation (guys aren't very observant, so they usually don't get up). Even this morning, a lady working at the grocery store pulled me to the front of the very long line at check out so I didn't have to wait. I am so grateful to these women!! Right now it's a small kindness that I appreciate but don't necessarily need yet. I have a feeling that in a month or so, I will need that kindness!! So, I am very thankful for Italian women! They are so sweet!!

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