Wednesday, June 6, 2012

25 weeks baby!

Well, this week is #25 in the adventure of bringing Bambino into this world! The past two weeks have been busier than normal since we have traveled a lot, in addition to working, and that is making time go so fast! Two weekends ago we took a road trip down to Tuscany for Cantine Aperte (a weekend where participating wineries open on Sunday for tastings), and this past weekend we flew up to see Sissel and Ragnar for a long weekend in Norway. Today I'm exhausted! But it was worth it! More to come on those trips...
23 weeks, 6 days, near Uccelliera Winery, Tuscany
Bambino has been moving up a storm lately! I got a kick last night that actually kind of hurt... It makes me a little nervous because I still have 15 weeks to go and Bambino will only get stronger! What's fun is that everyday Josh wants to feel Bambino move in there. He gets so excited by the movements! The other night he felt the strong kicks and couldn't believe it! He even makes sound effects, "Boom!!" It's so cute:) He's going to make such a great dad!

24 weeks, 6 days, on the Naeroyfjorden, Norway
 Our time in Norway was a lot of fun, but not so great for my back. We spent a lot of time in the car driving and my back wasn't too excited about that. I'm starting to think I may have a pinched nerve in the middle of the back because it always hurts in the same spot- it never changes. That will be a question to ask when I go into the doctor next week. At least I'm still able to function though! And if it gets really bad, usually just one tylenol makes a world of difference. My hips have been feeling better too. As long as I sleep on a softer matress with a pillow between my legs, I'm fine.

25 weeks, Drammen, Norway
I may also be entering what they call the "nesting" stage... I keep looking at our guest room thinking "can I move this to make room for a crib? If I do... how can we re-arrange that...?" I'm constantly wondering how we can get the room ready for Bambino, and I'm excited about organizing it! Me... exciting about organizing... This is a new experience! Usually that's such a chore to me.

Since we had ice cream up at Sissel's house this past weekend, all I can think of is ice cream! I think it's safe to say that this pregnancy has given me an ice cream addiction. That craving is back! It doesn't help that summer is the time for ice cream, and it keeps me cool. Unfortunately we don't have any in the house right now, otherwise I'd be eating it as I type this blog. It's probably a good thing though, I don't need to eat ice cream all the time :)

Stay tuned for more about Cantine Aperte and Norway!

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