Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Andiamo a San Siro a vedere l'Inter!

IE: Let's go to San Siro to see Inter!

About a week and a half ago Josh, Andrea, Marina and I went to the Inter Milano soccer game at the world famous San Siro Stadium. Josh and I were so excited to finally see what a soccer game is like in Europe. We are huge sports fans and really enjoy seeing professional sporting events. Before moving here to Italy, we had season tickets to see the MN Vikings and I miss going to the games every Sunday! It seems like something is missing without that! Well, this was our chance to get a piece of the sporting action here in Italy.

Our view of the field
San Siro is HUGE!! It holds about 80,000 people (a lot more than the 65,000 of the Metrodome), and it looks like a huge parking ramp when you walk up to it. On the outside there are these tall ramps (like the exit out of a parking ramp) that just wind their way up the corners of the stadium. They look like a big corkscrew. The interesting part was that we could only go in one entrance for our section; we had to walk up about 4 flights of stairs, then give them our ticket to get to our seats. We had to use the restroom right away... and that was an experience!! It was probably the WORST bathroom I have seen yet in Italy (and I've seen some doosies). The smell was awful, and it was a hole in the ground with no toilet paper and no soap to wash your hands. Talk about wanting hand sanitizer!! Mental note: next time at San Siro, hold it!

The seats

We entered the stadium and noticed our seats were really dirty. They were muddy, and it looked like pigeons were living right above them. This was surprising to me, but I guess I'm spoiled by the indoor seating at the Dome. Everyone was sitting on newspaper, so we followed suit. The game was great and Inter won 2-1 vs. Lazio (a team from Rome). It was fun to see the crowd go crazy every time they scored, then sing the team chant. All in all, it was a great experience! We got to see a European soccer match (crossing that off the bucket list!) and Inter won! Andrea was super excited about that. The only downfall was that the fans were really calm. I thought that they would be all rowdy and going crazy, but I guess to see that we have to go to the Inter vs. AC Milano game. Maybe next year.

Goal for Inter! This guy looks like he's going to jump onto the field!

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