Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gotz comes to Italy #3: don't forget the cannoli!

After the fun we had in Cinque Terre, and recovering from Pizzeria Spontini, we started a new work week with Gotz here. I was starting lessons with two new groups that Monday and was in lessons all afternoon. At the same time, Josh was at work so Gotz was on his own that day. He's a big boy though and managed. He took some great pictures of the Galleria and the Duomo that day. Here they are:

On Tuesday, there was supposed to be a metro transit strike so we decided to stay in Milan and bum around. In the morning we stopped by the Museum of Natural History which was pretty cool. It was only 3 euros and they had a great collection of animals and reptiles. Since goats are Josh's favorite animal, I had to get a picture for him! After that, Gotz and I walked to the center of the city and were on a hunt for Cannoli. We had lunch, stopped by my offices so I could grab a few things for my lessons, and then we were on the hunt. There was a great pastry shop that we found when Jamie was here this spring, so we started there. They have amazing bread and amazing fruit tarts! I thought maybe they would have cannoli... turns out, they don't. After purchasing some delicious looking muffins for breakfast the next day and a fruit tart, we were on our way. So, we moved on to Peck (a famous high end grocery store nearby). They have lots of yummy deserts, including macaroons, but no cannoli.

After two locations I was starting to lose my resolve to not eat everything in sight. It was time for some back up, so I called Josh. He looked online and found a Sicilian Pasticceria near the Duomo, and it was on! Gotz got some gelato and then we made a bee-line over to where Josh said the Pasticceria was. It took us a while, but we finally found it. Yes! They had cannoli! I nicely asked the lady behind the counter for three, and she pulled out three shells and a pastry bag with the filling. She filled them fresh right in front of us, doused them with powedered sugar, added the little pieces of fruit and wrapped them up. This was so exciting! We've been on the hunt for cannoli in Milano for a long time (at least I have been...). I found a place with cannoli- at this point I was hoping they were good!!

That night I was brimming with excitement to try the cannoli to see if they were as good as I remembered. We cooked dinner, then ate our cannoli. They were HUGE! And two people could have easily shared one, but we each took one down. It was Gotz's first time trying them and he enjoyed it. After a large dinner and even larger desert, we were all feeling like some exercise was in order. It may not have been a cardio workout... but we played some bocce ball on the play station. This was another great day with Gotz here, and he was able to see what we do on a daily basis in Milano.
mmm.... cannoli!

The next stop: a day at Lake Como. Then, the Dolomiti!! Stay tuned...

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