Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final day in the Dolomiti

On our final full day in the Dolomiti, we took the recommendation from our B&B host and took the hike up to Puez Hutte. They said it would take us about five hours to hike... well, 7.5 hours later we arrived back at our B&B! It was another fantastic day full of amazing views all around, and a little more of a challenge than Tre Cime. This hike was definitely more of an intermediate/advanced level hike. It was awesome! Again, the day is best described in pictures. Enjoy!

we took the Gondola to Jimmy Hutte

Jimmy hutte

nothing like a beer for breakfast!

about to start our hike

crouching Gotz!

you can see our trail on the left

more owls...

Pictures just don't do it justice!!

Puez Hutte where we had lunch- my favorite mountain
 was right behind it. The mountain looked like green
 and red rock- it was so cool!
a few friends we made on the trail
I'm free!!

what goes up, must come down!

again, more friends on the trail! they proceeded to play
 rugby with their fellow sheep... it was entertaining!

contemplating the way down... how much further do we need to go!?!?!
the boys captured some really cool night shots!!

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