Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's the "wurst" that could happen?

Right around the time when Josh and I found out about our move to Italy, one of my best friends applied for a job in Munich, Germany. As it turns out, she got the job! She moved over to Munich about the same time that Josh and I moved to Milan. Last weekend we took a road trip to visit her and see what her new life is like in Munich. It was so great to see a friendly face!! I forget how much I miss having friends to hang out with in Milan. Since I haven’t been able to work yet (that’s another story…) and don’t really speak the language yet, it’s been difficult to meet people. There just aren’t those great girlfriends that you can call on a weeknight to get together to drink some wine, eat pizza and watch a movie. Seeing Laura was amazing! She hasn’t set up a blog yet mainly because she hasn’t figured out what the title should be. All weekend we were coming up with different quotes for her and laughing the entire time!! She also introduced us to her new group of friends in Munich and there are some amazing ex-pats that she has connected with. Two of them in particular, Brandon and Monica, were some of the funniest people I’ve ever met! We came up with all sorts of titles for Laura’s blog including “get to ‘gnome’ me!”, “whats the wϋrst that could happen?” and many others. Only time will tell if she uses them for her blogJ
While we were in Munich we visited the Paulaner Brewery on Friday night and on Saturday we went to a monastery outside of the city that doubles as a brewery. We sat in the beer garden at the monastery for lunch and a few drinks on Saturday. What a beautiful location! It’s not far from the Alps and typically you can see them off in the distance. The weather that day was gorgeous, but hazy so we couldn’t see the mountains. After lunch, we took a little road trip and drove down to Austria through the Fϋssen area. What an amazing drive!! In the distance we could see Neuschwanstein Castle, and Hohenschwangau Castle. There were glacial fed lakes the color of turquoise and mountains as far as the eye could see. It seemed like we were in one of Disney’s fairytales. We ended up in a town on the Austrian side of the boarder around dinner time; the town wasn’t far from Fϋssen. Unfortunately, the sights were closed by this time so we were unable to tour the fun castles in that town. Instead, we decided to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It’s funny how we drive down to Austria for Chinese food, haha.

Once we arrived back in Munich that night, we went out to a place called Mocca Bar. It was a fun bar where you can smoke hookah pipes and sit in an intimate setting with little puffs, couches and short tables. I have to admit, I had never smoke hookah before so I was excited about trying it. My friend Holly always raved about how fun it was, and turns out she was right! The pipes come with different flavors and it was surprisingly tasty. We ended up leaving the bar a little earlier than we anticipated due to some unwanted company that was being rude and actually got our group kicked out of the bar. One person in particular was knocking chairs over, and being straight up rude to everyone in our group. He kept going on about how everyone hates Americans and was completely bashing our political system and education (which he knew absolutely nothing about). I’m surprised he didn’t get decked by either Josh or Brandon when we left the bar… but all ended well. Thankfully, we don’t ever have to see him again!

The Chinese tower at the English Gardens- there was a polka band and biergarten
 On Sunday before heading out, we stopped at the English Gardens which is more or less a large park in Munich. The location is great! There are running trails, horse trails, people picnicking on blankets, beer gardens with polka bands, and just a serene escape from the city. Although, I was surprised at how clean and quiet Munich was!! There really isn’t a need to get an escape from the city. Laura lives in the city on a residential street, and it is silent!! I was a little jealous because our house in Milan is in a residential area as well, but there is a lot of street noise.

My favorite parts of the weekend: seeing one of my best friends! And also all of the fun we had with her friends Brandon and Monica. Shake your molecules!! (another one of the quotes we came up with that weekend…) and the autobon!!! I forgot to mention that I drove on it!! The only downfall was that our little Fiat didn't go more than 145 km/hr.
Next time: Hofbrahaus!


  1. I miss Pizza and wine night with you too, and knew you love the Hookah bar!!!! Too bad that one guy was a tool and made you all leave early. Miss you lots hope to find a time to visit soon:)

  2. HA HA...good times. Finally had a few moments to catch up on a couple of your posts...If time I will try to finally settle on a title and post tonight! I want those crepes too BTW. See you soon!