Saturday, April 23, 2011

Internet! My Friend! It's so great to have you home!

Internet!! It’s so great to see you again!! It’s been a long two months without you in the house… It’s great to have you home!
So... having the internet installed reminded me of move in day all over again. Two Italian guys here to install everything, one barely speaks English, the other knows maybe two words. With my horrible Italian I’m able to determine that they came to install the telephone and internet. Huh?? The contract was for cable and internet, no phone. So… I call our relocation company that has been assisting us and the nice woman speaks with one of the technicians. Turns out they were not prepared for installing cable, so that may not happen. But at the very least, we have internet! We have to reschedule another appointment for them to come back for the cable. To be continued…
As they were installing the wireless router they had to drill holes in the walls, and super glue (yes… super glue) wires to the door frame so they weren’t noticeable. In the process, I think they took out a chunk of our wall and didn’t fix it. I'm a little nervous what our landlord is going to say about that when we move out...  The technicians also asked for coffee (which being the good host, I made a pot for them), a garbage bag (which are surprisingly expensive in Milan and they left it full of trash when they were finished!!) and he also needed our vacuum to clean up the mess (didn’t they come prepared?). They were very nice and did a great job, but what happened to technicians bringing a shop vac, especially when they expect to drill holes with the drill they brought for the job? Ok, just a rant… but it was definitely an interesting day!!  On the bright side- internet!!! Yay! Now I can do research for my schoolwork without having to go to an internet cafe J

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