Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marrakech Top 5

My favorite parts of Marrakech:
The beverages! Mint tea and freshly squeezed orange juice
The food! Lamb Tajines in particular…
Shopping in the Souks
Entertainment in the main square (especially the men with the Monkeys- find a cafe overlooking the square, sit back, and be entertained!)
Cabbies pushing their cabs forward in the queue to save on gas

It’s easy to see that the food/drinks were my favorite part of MarrakechJ

Some things to be aware of in Marrakech- the guys working the souks are great salesman! Watch out… before you know it you may end up at a rug shop drinking tea and purchasing a rug that needs to be shipped home! Also, this goes for the main square… the people will want you to pay for pictures or anything else they do for your entertainment. This is fine if you are ready, but just be aware that if you sit with the snake charmers, watch a boy get chased by a rooster, or ask for a monkey to sit on your shoulder... they expect you to pay. They may snipe you too, just like the henna lady did to me. She grabbed my hand and started doing henna. Before I knew it I had a few small flowers and she was asking for 20 euro! Yikes. It was a blast, but just be vigilant when you are in the main square!

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