Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hello furniture! Goodbye organized apartment...

Last Thursday our furniture arrived! Yay!! No more air mattress:)

My first week in Milan was a crazy one... Between getting used to the neighborhood, the metro, and a job interview (which I start on March 7th!) and our furniture arriving, there is no stopping the craziness- but I love it! Josh took some language classes at Languarama and they mentioned they needed English teachers, so he put my name in. Next thing I knew, I sent my resume to them on Monday, and I had a job interview on Wednesday! It went well and he would like me to start after we get home from Marrakech. Its perfect because it won't be more than a few hours a week, I'll be able to work on my Italian (hopefully with a tutor from the language school), and make some new friends. That and a little spending money is perfect :)

On Thursday our furniture arrived! The two guys that moved everything in were great, but didn't speak English. Unfortunately, my Italian is still awful... so it was interesting. What little I did know came in handy though (in soggiorno, in la camera de letto, in il bagno...). They helped get everything in and start unpacking the kitchen... we soon realized that we have about five of everything in the kitchen! It has made me realize how much "crap" we have back home and how we really need to simplify. I had the strongest urge to start tossing things as we went, but Josh didn't really like that idea. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks we can simplify our kitchen and get rid of the excess stuff that we don't need.

It was a long day and our apartment is now the home of many boxes, clothes and kitchen stuff thrown about. It looks like a tornado hit! After a long day we grabbed a pizza and tried to relax a bit, but it was difficult because we had to pack for Marrakech. Our flight was scheduled to leave the next morning, so after all of that unpacking, we had to pack our suitcases and get ready for a week in northern Africa!

Its hard to leave the apartment when its so unorganized... you can barely get in our front door!! Oh well. That must wait until we get back from Morocco...

(I'll post pictures of the crazy apartment when we get back home...)

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