Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick update- Residency

Guess what?? After how many months (and over a year)... I finally received my letter of residency in Milan!! I can now officially get a "carta di identita" if I want to :) Not sure I will though because I use my MN Drivers License or my passport for ID. It would be kind of fun to have an Italian ID though... The jury is still out. Unfortunately, Josh is still waiting for his letter because he applied in January (I applied back in November). The nice part about residency is that of course we get health care, but we can also park in resident parking spots which opens up a lot of possibilities!! Usually we get stuck parking on the tram tracks because there is no parking near our house. This turned into a bad situation last week... Josh had a hard time jumping the actual track with our rental car and we lost a hub cap... then the next day Josh went out to the car after work to find a flat tire. With the new resident parking options, hopefully we won't have to resort to the tracks anymore!!

Ok that's all for now. Ciao from Milano!

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